First, we chat about what type of session fits your needs. I then email you a contract for your session and an invoice for your retainer fee. Everything can be taken care of online. Once your contract is signed and invoice is paid, your due date or session date will be added to the calendar. An online questionnaire will be sent for you to share your styling preferences.

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I ask that you let me know as soon as baby is born. as long as baby was full term and everyone is healthy and healing properly, newborn sessions are scheduled around 2 weeks after birth. Newborn portraits are done in the studio only. milestone, family and maternity portraits may be photographed at an alternate location. 
Most newborn sessions last 1.5-2.5 hours. Milestone and maternity sessions are 20-30 minutes, full family sessions are one hour. 

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one to two weeks following the session, you will return to the studio to view the gallery of lightly edited images from your session. You will be able to place your order for any digital files or printed products you choose to purchase. The images will then be edited and products ordered and ready for pickup within approximately three weeks. 

viewing and ordering


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digital images are not included in a full newborn session. five digital images are, however, included in mini, milestone, and family portrait sessions. All images resulting from a session, regardless of type, can be purchased with the session. 

Are any digital images included in my session?

this isn't a question i get often, but it is often asked of photographers. my answer is that the unedited images are not representative of my work and not a final product so are not available for purchase. all purchased images are fully edited and perfected. if you have specific editing questions, feel free to ask!

can I have the raw or unedited images?

There is no true licensure for newborn portrait photographers. I have been photographing newborns for over a decade, I am a registered nurse, I have worked in newborn and pediatric units within the hospital setting and I have spent dozens of hours educating myself on safe practices in newborn portraiture and posing. I am happy to answer any and all questions to ease any concerns you may have about the safety of your newborn during their session. 

are you a licensed newborn photographer?

There is no time that is too soon to schedule your newborn portraits! As long as you have a due date, we can schedule! Most families schedule their portraits a few months in advance to assure a spot on the calendar due to the limited availability for these longer sessions. Even if the baby decides to come early or late, if your due date is on the schedule already we will find an adjusted time as needed to accommodate your newborn portraits. 

when should i schedule my newborn portraits?

Maternity portraits are typically taken between weeks 30-34. That allows mama to have the round baby bump, but to  still be (relatively) comfortable for the session. To assure you have a spot on the calendar, contacting me anytime in the second trimester is preferred. 

when should I schedule my maternity portraits?

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